Carpool Mic 2.0

$59.99 $79.99

Take the fun to new levels with the Carpool Mic 2.0! Whether on the road, on the boat, at home or anywhere, all you need is a speaker with an FM tuner or Aux port to get the party going.

  • 6 voice changing effects, 3 sound effects and lighting effects that sync with your music
  • Bluetooth stream audio from any music or karaoke app
  • Built-in long-lasting rechargeable battery for up to 6 hours of fun
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Carpool Mic 2.0


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Brittany P
Verified Purchase

This new mic is a crowd favorite. We’ve been using it in Ubers, on the boat and even in our house. So much fun for both kids and grown ups.. Easy to pair to my phone then I can play from any of my music apps. And I like being able to connect either by the radio or aux cord.

Verified Purchase

So if you’re here for the reviews..... no need to look any further. Lol This is completely worth the money. It comes with charger (USB) and a aux cord. I haven’t even used the Aux cord. You put it on a station that has no signal. On your microphone, you put it on that same station. Bluetooth your phone too it and play all the music you want! It has volume on it and echo. It flashes lights....! I’m going to use it this weekend on a girls trip (bachelorette weekend) I drove around town by myself singing ..... lol stoping at friends house to show them! Stop reading and just go buy it! super fun!!!

Allison L
Verified Purchase

My girls and I had loads of fun singing along to our favorite songs. This was very easy to use. It connects the Bluetooth system in your car to your phone so the music and the microphone run through the sound system in your car. The sound quality was great. Road trips are going to be so fun with this to entertain us.

Verified Purchase

If you’re thinking about purchasing this.... JUST DO IT!!! Best purchase of my life by far. So much fun. So much serotonin. Nothing but great things to say about this product. Great to yell at people at stoplights and order at fast food restaurants. If you’re looking for a good time, then this is definitely the product for you.

Andrew J
Verified Purchase

This is the most awesome thing ever. I have it in my car for when I go driving with my friends and it's the best. It look was definitely worth the investment and I would recommend this one over some of the other cheaper options.





It's back

and louder than EVER!

The SingingMachine has arrived to bring you a mobile karaoke experience like no other. Changing car rides forever!

$59.99 | Buy Now!
dynamic microphone

to belt out your favorite tunes


Connect two mics and double the fun!

Bluetooth Module

to play any music from your phone

6 voice changing effects

Male / Female / Echo / Robot / Chipmunk / Radio


Vocal removal technology removes lead vocals from songs

sound effects

3 fun sound effects

FM Tuner

takes over your car audio

Rechargeable battery

many hours of uninterrupted fun

Changing car rides forever!






Search your FM radio to find any open station with no signal.

Match It Up

Tune the FM transmitter on your Mic to match the station on your car radio.


Connect your mobile device to the Mic via Bluetooth or AUX cable, and sing your heart out!


Stream audio from any music App on your mobile device via Bluetooth. Long-lasting rechargeable built-in battery for up to 6 hours of continuous fun.

In The Box:

  • Model CPK565 In a Reusable Carrying Case
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Extra Long Aux Cord
$59.99 | Buy Now!

or double the fun with

this bundle!

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